COVID-19 Safety

At Mindframe Education, our number one commitment is to maintain a safe, healthy learning environment for your children.

We share your concern about COVID-19 and its effects on your family and the larger community. Here’s what we’re doing to keep your children safe.

Our COVID safety focus areas

Wearing Masks

Temperature Checks

Extra Hand Washing

Extra Hand Sanitizing

Extra Cleaning

Social Distancing

At Mindframe, we take all operating decisions seriously. Many of the parents we serve are working to support their families, including some serving in essential roles in this crisis. We thank the parents working as nurses, doctors, grocery store clerks and more for their dedication. Mindframe Education follows all directives from state and local governments and local health departments. We respond as they make a variety of education-related decisions, including whether to remain open and/or to reopen schools. Nothing is more important to us than the health and safety of our children, families and faculty. That’s why we’ve implemented additional procedures to help keep our locations as clean and germ-free as possible. Also, we’ve empowered our team to make the best choices for the families and faculty, keeping health and safety top of mind. Thank you for your continued trust in Mindframe Education. We’re committed to keeping your trust and bringing your family safest and superior STEM education in Northern Virginia.