At Mindframe Education, we exist to help kids achieve their full potential. We’re an innovative K-12 learning center, with a focus on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and advanced academics.

Our STEM focus areas


Robotics & Engineering





Our Mission

Our mission is to empower today’s students to become tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

Why Mindframe?

Personalized learning

Differentiated instruction caters to each students’ educational needs. That way, students learn at the level and pace at which they can find success.

Passionate instructors

Our faculty members are experienced educators, engineers, programmers, and designers who enjoy watching students grow and learn.

Cutting-edge learning space

Our modern, open-concept facility has the latest and coolest tools and technologies for students to immerse themselves in.

Unmatched experience

Our hands-on, collaborative approach captures students’ attention and motivates them to learn more.

Our Facility

Mindframe offers open learning spaces equipped with professional-level tools like the latest hardware and software from Apple, Adobe, and Microsoft.

All students have their own workstation and computer, giving them more autonomy in the learning process

They share tools, knowledge, and ideas in the Mindframe MakerLab: an open R&D-type space that fosters creativity, collaboration, and innovation

Check out photos of our Ashburn location

Our Staff

We’re a team of professionals with diverse skills and experience, who share a commitment to helping kids learn and grow.
Our Partners

We’re happy to work with institutions and other like-minded organizations to bring STEM and advanced academics to as many students as possible.

Area Public Schools

We work with many local schools to support events like STEM Day.  

Nova Labs

We hold classes at the Nova Labs space and work with them on community events like maker faire.

Rachel Carson Middle School

We bring after-school STEM programs to Carson

How we started

Our founders are parents to two young children. They were looking for a way for their kids to learn STEM using the latest tools and technologies, and they wanted the learning experience to be fun, hands-on, and highly engaging. When they couldn’t find a fit, they decided to combine their technology backgrounds and passion for education to form Mindframe.

We’re still a family-owned business, and we still work to provide programming that allows kids to use their innate sense of curiosity and creativity. We believe that today’s kids are very tech-savvy and are capable of learning a lot more than the schools can offer. Mindframe exists to bridge the gap between what’s offered in school and what kids are interested in.