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In-person or online, privately or with a group, our tutoring and classes will inspire your child to unlock potential, cultivate talent, and boost performance.

Empower your child to achieve their goals.

Our experienced instructors pull from 20+ STEM topics, including Math, Language Arts, Coding, and Digital Design/Arts, to develop unique lessons your child will love. Register today or sign up for a free 30-minute session to get them started.

STEM Classes Perfected!

We offer ongoing enrollment and availability throughout the year for both in-person and online options. Classes support and advance beyond the scope of a traditional curriculum. Our expert instructors use proven STEM concepts such as hands-on experimentation, independent exploration and holistic subject area integration to equip your child with analytical, problem-solving skills as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.

All classes offer one-on-one learning with instructors. Students are encouraged to progress at their own pace, developing new skills by completing engaging projects and tackling real-world challenges. All Mindframe classes are based on a structured curriculum we call STEM Pathways. STEM Pathways take your student from passionate interest to practical application.

Experienced Instructors

With broad expertise and experience, our trusted instructors will help your child achieve their goals. Whether in-person or online, your child will receive the individual support they need to stay engaged and reach their full potential.

Affordable Payment Options

Nearly 50% less than similar classes, Mindframe classes are right for any budget. With flexible scheduling and payment options, our classes are designed to help your child excel while being mindful of your family’s overall needs. 

Personalized Learning

Built on core STEM concepts, our classes evolve to fit your child’s needs. With an emphasis on independent exploration, our classes will guide your child as they discover their strengths and build new skills.


Tutoring (1:1)

Private 1:1 Tutoring Session
    30 mins Sesssions
  • 1 Lesson per week for $105/mo
  • 2 Lessons per week for $195/mo
  • 3 Lessons per week for $275/mo
  • 4 Lessons per week for $350/mo

    60 mins Sessions
  • 1 Lesson / wk - $195/mo
  • 2 Lessons / wk - $350/mo
  • 3 Lessons / wk - $525/mo

Group Classes

Small group classes

  • $295 - 10 classes

  • Schedule
  • Fall Session: Oct 4 - Dec 12
  • Winter Session: Jan 10 - Mar 20
  • Spring Session: Mar 28 - Jun 5


Elementary Math

Covering the range of math concepts introduced at the elementary level, this class provides your child with a solid foundation and proficiency in the fundamental building blocks they need to advance through higher level courses with confidence.

Available as Private (1:1) Class


Learning integers, algebraic expressions, multi-step equations, proportions, percents, probability, and more, your child will gain logical thinking skills and grasp the critical principles needed for Algebra, Geometry, and beyond.

Private and Group Options Available

Group Session Time – Mondays, 6p-7p ET

Algebra 1

Your child will gain concept and skill mastery over variables, algebraic expressions, equations, inequalities, functions, and all their multiple representations. Algebra lays the foundation for advanced mathematical literacy.

Private and Group Options Available

Group Session Time – Tuesdays, 7p-8p ET


Your child will learn the critical concepts of points, lines, plans, logic and reasoning, angles, slopes and shapes. They will develop techniques to understand congruence, proofs, constructions, trigonometry, and more.

Private and Group Options Available

Group Session Time – Thursdays, 7p-8p ET


For our most advanced mathematics learners, this class provides the personalized instruction and guidance your child needs fully comprehend limits, functions, derivatives, integral, and facilitate successful advancement to collegiate mathematics and science.  

Private and Group Options Available

Group Session Time – Mondays, 7p-8p ET

Language Arts

Elementary Language Arts

Through projects and hands-on activities, your child will tap into their creativity and strengthen their elementary-level reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

Available as Private (1:1) Class

Reading Comprehension
Ages 10-16

Gain the knowledge and skills of decoding, fluency, vocabulary, and inferences to become competent, enthusiastic readers. Ignite your child’s passion for reading! Private and Group Options Available Group Session Times – Tuesdays, 6p-7p (Gr 4 – 6) Tuesdays, 7p-8p (Gr 7-10)

Creative Writing
Ages 7-12

Learn how to capture any audience and win them over through creative writing and presentation skills. Your child will learn to love the art of writing and public speaking.
Private and Group Options Available
Group Session Time – Mondays, 6p-7p ET

Ages 9-14

Learn the art of winning any argument using evidence and rationale in persuasive writing, public speaking, and presentations. Participate in research and public speaking, while strengthening critical thinking and teamwork skills!
Available as a Private (1:1) Class

Test Prep - SAT & ACT

Through repetition and practice, your child will gain the confidence they need to reach their personal best test scores. This course focuses on test taking skills and techniques as well as high-level reading and writing comprehension.

Available as a Private (1:1) Class


Intro to Coding with Scratch

This class introduces the basic concepts of coding using Scratch. Scratch empowers young people to easily build interactive games and apps by connecting code blocks together.
Tutoring (1:1) available

Python Programming

Students learn core programming concepts using Python for real-world projects. In this class, students learn basic syntax, structure, and the process of writing programs in Python.

Tutoring (1:1) available

Group Class – Saturday 1pm – 2pm ET

Java Programming

Students will learn the basics of Java programming and will be introduced to object oriented programming. Student will learn concepts such as data types, conditional statements, loops, and array structures, and arrays. Students will learn how to use inheritance and polymorphism to create their own classes, or add to other classes.

Tutoring (1:1) available 

Machine Learning and Cryptography

Students will learn fundamental concepts of computer-based artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn how to use data sets, probability, statistics with tools like Python and TensorFlow to program computers to perform tasks routinely done by humans. 

Tutoring (1:1) available

Digital Arts

Digital Illustration & Character Design

Students will learn the process of creating characters based on client briefs for different types of stories. Students will learn different character styles (American comic book, Japanese Manga, American cartoon style, etc.) to understand how culture affects character design. Students will have an understanding of the process of following a client brief and creating designs based off of them, and have set of original characters.

Digital Animation

Students will start to understand the process of 2D and 3D animation and how to create animations that feel alive and have depth. Students will learn the key principles to animation and how to correctly apply them to create a smooth and cohesive animation.  Students will create a variety of animations that show the skills that they have learned to move forward in their craft.

3D Modeling with Blender

Students will learn how to create 3D models and structures. They will gain an understanding of Blender and SketchUp. 

YouTube Video Channel

Students will learn how to create original videos and their own YouTube channel.

Digital Music Production

Students will get to learn how to use digital music software and learn how to produce their own songs. They will learn the basics of using the application, how to use different instruments, and recording sounds using digital instruments on the app.  Student projects will – create an original beat, create a remix a song, or create an original song.

Game Design

Ages 7-12

This class introduces the basic concepts of Minecraft modding using Blockly Javascript coding. Students will gain an understanding of fundamentals of programming while creating their own fun, creative Minecraft mods and textures.
Tutoring (1:1) available

Roblox Creator
Ages 7-12

In this course, students will use Roblox’s built-in editor to design and create their own 3D worlds. Students will learn 3D game design fundamentals, create and publish their games to Roblox website.
Tutoring (1:1) available

Game Design withh Unreal Engine

Learn the concept of world building and 3D level design and create a first person game. Program all the mechanics of the game using Blueprint visual-programming. Students will know the process of game creation from prototyping, alpha testing, to final testing, and be familiar with 3D game design and will have built their very own 3D game.
Tutoring (1:1) available

Let us set your child up for success for the upcoming school year and beyond. 

STEM Pathways

STEM Pathways take your student from passionate interest to practical application.
All Mindframe classes are based on a structured curriculum we call STEM Pathways. These lessons are designed to increase STEM knowledge, improve STEM skills, and allow students to work toward a concrete goals. They’ll see the results of their efforts and gain a real sense of accomplishment. All they have to do is pick a path or two.

  • Students of any age (K-12) can follow a STEM pathway.
  • Earn badges along the way, and in some cases, work toward professional certifications
  • Prepare and enter STEM competitions
  • At advanced levels, students work toward advantages when it comes to applying for college scholarships, and the ability to publish and sell apps, games, and other STEM-related projects
  • By pursuing STEM Pathways year-round, students retain more knowledge and progress faster

Choose from the following STEM Pathways:

  • Programming
  • Robotics
  • Game Design
  • Digital Arts

How to get started
with STEM Pathways

Answer a few quick questions to let us know what your child’s interests are. Schedule an in-person meeting or a phone call if you like to talk through any questions you have.
We’ll designate a Learning Coach for your child, who will guide them through the pathway and act as your single point of contact. You Learning Coach will send you a personalized STEM Pathway learning recommendation.
Based on your recommendation, enroll your student in class — available weekdays and weekends during the school-year, and all summer long. Pay tuition monthly or as you go.
We’ll keep you updated on your child’s progress with regular status reports.
As your child completes a course or a level, they’ll earn badges, have the opportunity to participate in competitions, and maybe even publish their programs, apps, and games. Then, they’ll move the next level in their current curriculum, or take on a different pathway.