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The Mindframe Marcanator Scholarship

What is the Mindframe Marcanator Scholarship?

Countryside Elementary and Mindframe Education lost a special student last October.  To memorialize Marcus Robinson and spread the message of kindness, we are working with Marcus’ family to create a scholarship for a Countryside student to attend our after-school program in his memory.

The criteria for receiving the scholarship is a consistent demonstration of kindness, as that is a trait that Marcus will be remembered for.   The program cost will be covered by Mindframe Education and donations raised through fundraising.

Please join us for our family fun event, “The Mindframe Marcantor FUN-raiser”.  It will be filled with STEM activities, games, raffles and auctions and will be held at Mindframe Education on May 5th, from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM.

In Loving Memory of Marcus Robinson

by Barbara Robinson, mother

In the fall school year of 2016, Marcus Robinson a rising Third grader of Countryside elementary school found a tick for tech.  Online gaming, robotics, math, science, and 3D printing became the talk of the household.  Conversations of Minecraft and Roblox could carry on for hours. What was a mom to do, because even though she happily listened to stories of how to obtain a legendary dragon and agreed to monthly subscriptions; she had no idea what her son was talking about.  A quick search through the world wide web, and Mindframe Education was found to be the perfect fit for Marcus, the young tech and Pokemon expert.

Marcus was delighted to be a part of a new-found tribe of young technicians, to share online adventures with and to give away some of his best Pokemon cards among the snack table; the lunch table and playground at school were also used as platform for deep discussion.  Whizzing through the hallways of Countryside elementary or tucked away on an available computer station at Mindframe, you would be greeted by Marcus with bright eyes and untied shoes. Marcus was always ready to help and ready to learn, but never ready to go home.

One morning, October 4th, 2017 Marcus was called home. Called by God to heaven. May the imprint of love, kindness, and all things tech that Marcus Robinson left behind lead us to devise a more impactful love, kindness and a special tick for tech.