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Movie Making & Video Production

Movie Making & Video Production

This course guides students into the foray of contemporary digital filmmaking. Students will experience the gamut of the production process, learning the arts of screenwriting, cinematography, directing, acting, editing and everything in between. Students will work collaboratively, in hands-on mentored activities as they develop their stories and realize them on set, and on screen. Students will capitalize on the democracy of digital filmmaking, premiering their projects in a film festival of their peers, while also having the option to showcase their work on the web, with the world.

What Students Will Learn

  • The functions of key roles on set
  • The fundamentals of directing, acting, cinematography, editing, and more
  • The filmic workflow, from pre- to post-production
  • How to edit and shape their films via Adobe Premiere
  • How to share their stories with the world

Featured Software & Tools

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • D-SLR Video Equipment
  • Production Audio Equipment (Boom and Mic Kits)