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STEM After School Program 2018-2019

We offer personalized learning tailored to student interest.

  • Learn STEM skills while having fun
  • Create, design, build, and develop cool projects
  • Participate in STEM competitions
  • Accumulate a project portfolio

Why you’ll love our program:

Student Learning Plan & Progress Tracking

We start the process with a meeting the parents and student to understand their goals and interests.  Based on the discussions, we provide a personalized student learning plan, which outlines the classes and projects for the student.  Parents will be able to track their child’s progress via the STEM Academy parent portal.

STEM Classes and Projects

We offer student-centered STEM classes and projects in – Programming, Robotics, Game Design, Digital Arts, Engineering, Math and Science.  Students select the STEM subjects of their interest and take classes and work on projects to learn at their own pace.

STEM Competitions

Students will also have the opportunity to participate in STEM competitions (regional and national) throughout the year, allowing your students to demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a fun, competitive environment.

Homework Center

We will have an increased focus on homework, where each student will get the personalized homework help, and Mindframe teachers will record a daily log and track student assignments.

After School Clubs

We will offer ‘After School Clubs’ for students to learn in a team environment- such as chess, puzzles, typing, and other activities for them to choose from.


STEM Tracks Available:

Programming and App Development Programming & App Development

In this track, students learn the fundamentals of programming, web design / development, and mobile application development. The courses will teach students how to design, build, and publish their very own apps.

Engineering and Robotics Robotics & Engineering

This track includes exciting robotics courses and hands-on maker / engineering projects where students design and build real prototypes and products using the computer hardware components and micro-controllers such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi. At the end of each course, students will demonstrate their products and get to take it home with them.

Digital Arts Digital Arts

This track includes creative projects such as graphic design, 3D animation and modeling, 3D printing, digital filmmaking and photography. Students work individually and in teams to design and create their own digital art, 2D and 3D animations, short films and videos.


In these hands-on science camps students will conduct different science labs and workshops. The workshops and labs are guided through a series of interactive science projects and experiments that challenge their creativity and imagination. Students will work individually and in teams to conduct their lab projects. With the knowledge of “how to”, students learn to be creative, critical, and organized thinkers, and problem solvers.

Game Design Game Design

In this track, students learn the concepts, technology, and tools used to create the latest 2D & 3D games. The courses will teach students how to create Minecraft Mods and their own games for PCs and mobile devices.

Math  Math

In our Math classes, students receive personalized learning plan and small group instruction to build their math skills.

School Pick-Up List

Free pick-up from local elementary and middle school in the Ashburn, Sterling and select Leesburg areas.

Other Schools: If your school is not listed, please send us an email and we will consider adding it to the school pick-up list.

Elementary Schools

  • Ashburn, Newton-Lee, Belmont Station, Steuart W. Weller, Sanders Corner, Dominion Trail, Cedar Lane, Discovery, Hillside, Mill Run
  • Algonkian, Countryside, Potowmack, Horizon, Sugarland, Meadowland, Lowes Island
  • Creighton’s Corner, Legacy, Moorefield Station
  • Seldens Landing, Virginia Academy, Smarts Mill, Rosa Lee Carter, Madison’s Trust
  • John Tolbert, Cool Spring
  • Frances Hazel Reid, Ball’s Bluff, Catotcin, Evergreen Mill

Middle Schools

  • Farmwell Station, Trailside, River Bend
  • Eagle Ridge, Seneca Ridge, Harper Park, Stone Hill, Brambleton MS
  • Smarts Mill, Belmont Ridge, Simpson,

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Online Payment System

Click button to access the online billing and payment system for STEM after school program.

Online Payment System

Weekly Tuition Fees

With STEM After School program, you can pick the days to attend.  Below is tuition fees per week.

  • 1 day/week – $35
  • 2 days/week – $70
  • 3 days/week – $95
  • 4 days/week – $115
  • 5 days/week – $135

New Flex Day option

  • 1 day – $45

Note: A registration fee of $50 applies for each new student

Daily Schedule

2:35pm-3:25pm School Pick-up & Transport
3:00 – 4:30 Snack, Open Activities, Homework & Clubs
4:30-5:30 STEM Classes & Projects
5:30 – 6:30 Open Activities & Pick up Time


What if I need to change or cancel my student’s program attendance?

  • Any student that is changing or cancelling their enrollment for any period of time must fill out the Student Change of Attendance Form, and submit it in person to management.

Will Mindframe be open on school holidays?

  • Yes! We will be open for full day camps. Registered STEM After School students can attend half days (included in registration) or full day camps for an additional price. Please check our schedule for details regarding the days we will be open.

What is Mindframe’s procedure for snow days?

  • If conditions are safe, we will be open for full day camps. Mindframe follows Federal Government closures. Please contact us, or check our website for additional information regarding our snow day schedule.

Contact Us

Questions? Email us or call us at (703) 940-9440.

Terms & Conditions

**School Year Commitment discount: available to students who sign up prior to 8/23. In addition to the $195 deposit, we will also invoice for first and last month payments. If you need to leave earlier then June 7, deposits will not be refunded as the pricing of this program is based on attending Mindframe for the entire year.